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Set up the Macola ES/10 Company

StarShip allows you to connect directly to your Macola ES/10 company information in order to import and ship against your Orders or Customers. For each company, you can assign a specific interface that includes your customized field mapping and data translations. You can also define specific write-back to the Order and custom fields for each company.

Add the Macola Company in StarShip

Follow these instructions to add your company to StarShip. If you want to connect more than one company, you must complete this process for each company.

  1. From the Setup menu, select Source Interfaces > Macola ES (or Macola 10).
  2. On the Companies page, click the New Company button.
    Add a new company
  3. Type in the Company Server Name (SQL Server that hosts the Macola ES/10 database) and the System Database Name for the company you want to connect to, and enter your authentication information.You may connect to the database using Windows Authentication, which is the same as your network login. If you are using SQL Server Authentication, enter your Username and Password. This is most likely not the same as your network login.

    When you’re done, click Next.
    Enter company connection details

  4. Confirm the information is correct and click Finish.
    Confirm company connection info
  5. Repeat these steps if you need to add another company.