Set Up the Acumatica Company

StarShip allows you to import and ship with more than one set of company information. For each company, you can assign a specific interface that includes your customized field mapping and value translations. This procedure shows you how to add your Acumatica company or companies to StarShip.

Video Tutorial

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Before adding a company, make sure that you have created the V-Tech Endpoints. You should also have the Acumatica company and account information, and the Acumatica Contract Service URL.


An Acumatica Administrator account is required when adding a company in StarShip (in Step 3). To eliminate any concern about users being able to perform Admin actions, you can define and limit what a user can do in StarShip by assigning individual permissions to a user’s role. For example, you can allow a user to process shipments but not delete them. This can be accomplished using the Roles feature in StarShip Server Manager.


  1. From Setup, select Source Interfaces > Acumatica (version).
  2. In Companies, click the New Company button.
  3. Enter the Acumatica company information:
    • Company Name: Your company name as you would like it to appear in StarShip. You may want to include the warehouse name with the company if you use multiple warehouses. For example, “MyCompany-NYC-MAIN”.
    • Acumatica Contract Service URL: This is the URL used to connect to Acumatica Contract Services.

      Make sure the Acumatica Contract Service URL you are entering in StarShip is the same as the one shown in Acumatica. If you are unsure of where to find the Contract Service URL in Acumatica, see Copy the Acumatica Contract Service URL for help.

    • Username: The Admin username you use to log in to Acumatica.
    • Password: The Admin password you use to log in to Acumatica.
    • Acumatica Login Name: Enter the Acumatica Login name as it appears in Acumatica. The Acumatica Login Name can be found on the Acumatica Tenant List.
    • Acumatica Branch ID: This is the exact Branch ID as it appears in Acumatica (Organization > Organization Structure > Configure > Branches).
    • Acumatica Warehouse ID: This is the exact Warehouse ID of the warehouse for this company connection (Distribution > Inventory > Warehouses). Only items on order with this Warehouse ID can be shipped using this company connection. By default, the associated Warehouse address is mapped to the Sender Address.
      Multiple Warehouses

      If you ship from multiple Warehouses, it is important to read the Multiple Warehouses Setup topic for more information about what to enter in this field.

  4. For “Share Company connection between multiple users”: If you have a limited number of licenses or limited parallel connections, you may want to check this setting. It allows users to share one company connection instead of occupying one source interface seat for each user. You can also set the number of connections to be shared.
  5. Click Submit.

Video Tutorial

Multiple Companies

If you would like to add multiple companies to ship with in StarShip, you can do that now by repeating steps 2 – 5. We highly recommend using a separate Interface for each company you set up. You may experience import and write-back issues if you use the same Interface for more than one company.

To create a new interface, select the Interfaces tab and click the New Interface button. Enter the Interface Name and select to base the new interface on the default or a customized existing interface.