SQL Server Information

This is an informational section specific to the currently connected SQL Server instance.

  • Instance: SQL Server supports multiple instances (or SQL Server installations) on the same computer.  The current instance is displayed as “computernameinstancename”.
  • Database: The name of the current database and its details.
  • Backup Info : All details regarding where the database backs up to, last backup, etc. See Backup Information below.
  • Authentication: Indicates the type of authentication currently used to connect to this instance of the SQL Server. Authentication is set up in the Database > Connection Wizard.
  • AutoBackup: Indicates whether or not automatic backups are turned on. For more information, see Automatic Backups. This setting displays as ON or OFF.

Backup Information

This section contains backup settings and other information.

  • Backup Folder: This is location you specified for the backup file to be stored.
  • Backup Device: Indicates the name of the backup file.
  • Last Backup: Shows the date and time of the last backup.
  • Last Full Backup: Shows the date and time of the last FULL backup.

For more information about Backup settings, see Backups.

Tip: You can right-click on any item in this section to display a pop-up menu with related functions.