Spee-Dee Shipping

Spee-Dee Delivery is a regional carrier which offers very competitive rates for the north central states. StarShip’s Spee-Dee option supports Ground, Metro, and Shipment Weight services. StarShip calculates freight and prints bar coded shipping labels, COD tags, and manifest reports. We have also added support for Unboxed Parcels.

Spee-Dee services the upper Midwest states : Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois and the St. Louis Metro area.

Domestic Services

StarShip supports Ground and Metro services as well as Shipment Weight for multi-piece shipments of at least 200 lbs. Tracking numbers are automatically incremented.

Shipment Options

StarShip supports COD, AOD, Call Tag, Hazardous, and Insured shipments.

Printed Documents

StarShip prints shipping labels on any tractor feed forms and bar coded shipping labels with a compatible thermal printer. StarShip also prints tractor feed COD tags, and Spee-Dee accepted manifests. Labels and tags can easily be customized to your needs in Printing Profiles.

StarShip also prints standard or user-definable reports to analyze shipment history by customer, carrier, department, and more.