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Shipment Details

The Shipment Details section contains carrier-specific Shipment Options, User Defined Shipment fields, and the Department field.

Department Field

Values in the Department Field can be added manually by clicking the pencil icon to edit the Department list.

Add values by typing in the text box and then clicking OK.


The Department Field will also get values mapped from the Source document that do not already exist in the list of Departments. Fields are mapped from Setup > Source Interfaces > “Your Interface” > Interfaces. You can map the Department field to a Source Interface field or to a fixed value.


Shipment Fields

StarShip allows you to define Shipment User Definable fields of various formats that you can customize and map to Source fields. User Definable field labels and properties are configured in Setup > Preferences > User Definable Fields. To map User Definable fields to source interface fields, see Customize Interface.