Worldwide Express Shipping

StarShip performs rating, tendering, tracking, and pickup requests for Worldwide Express domestic shipments to the United States (excluding AK and HI). International shipments are not supported. StarShip also prints the straight BOL and package/pallet labels when a shipment is processed.

Supported Options

  • Handling Fee
  • C.O.D.
  • Liftgate Pickup/Delivery
  • Inbound Freight
  • Inside Pickup/Delivery
  • Limited Access Pickup/Delivery
  • Email BOL
  • Notify Before Delivery: If you will be mapping this field to a fixed value of ‘Selected” or to a source interface field, map the “Call Before Delivery” field under Shipment Options in Customize Interface.
    More Information

    See Call Before Delivery.

  • Consolidation

Supported Billing Types

  • Prepaid (Sender)
  • Recipient: The Recipient account number must be specified in the Recipient section.


To ship with Worldwide Express, select the carrier in the Transportation section of the Shipment Editor. Then, select your Worldwide Express account from the Account field.


When the shipment information has been entered in StarShip, click Rate Shipment to retrieve the prices and services of all your contracted carriers in the Rate Quotes section.

General Notes

  • If you have a negotiated contract with a carrier that Worldwide Express also supports
    as a 3PL, your contract rates are used. However, Worldwide Express will provide you
    with alternative quotes that you can select.
  • Worldwide Express supports up to 6 shipment entries when rating a shipment. If you
    have more than 6 entries, StarShip may modify packaging, reclassify all entries as
    the highest class, or merge BOL entries with the same class and package type into
    one shipment entry. If StarShip cannot perform any of these actions, you will receive
    an error and must manually modify the shipment in order to rate.
  • Worldwide Express only supports the Straight BOL. (VICS is not supported.)
  • Hazardous Materials shipments are not supported by Worldwide Express.
  • Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii are not supported.