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Ship Against Macola ES/10 Customers

StarShip allows you to ship against your Macola customer database. There is no line item information and no write-back to Macola when shipping with customers. Any customers you ship with will also be saved to StarShip’s customer database.

Process a Shipment

  1. In StarShip, click the Rate/Ship menu item. If you have more than one Macola company, make sure the correct company is selected in the Company field.
  2. Select the Customers heading.
    Select Customers
  3. Type in the Customer Number or search for a Customer using the available filters.


    If using filters, click Add Filter and then enter your specific criteria. Certain filters also allow you to select from a list of existing values.

    More Information

    For more information about filters, see Source Documents Search.

  4. Select the Customer and click the Create Shipment button.
    Create the shipment
  5. If your Ship Via codes are mapped for the Customers document in Customize Interface, the Carrier/Service will be automatically populated based on the Macola Customer. If you need to, select the Carrier and Service in the Transportation section. (You can also Rate Shop to select a carrier and service.)
    Select the Carrier/Service
  6. If you checked the option in Parcel Preferences “When importing orders, pack all loose items into a default package,” one default package is added in the Packaging section.

    For Parcel shipments, you would enter package detail for packages or add more packages. Navigate through the packages to weigh them or add package level details.
    Configure Packaging

    For Freight shipments, StarShip populates the bill of lading using line item and packaging information. Bill of Lading settings in Freight Preferences allow you some flexibility regarding how StarShip converts packaging information into the bill of lading body. You can also manually enter the BOL.
  7. Enter or select any Shipment Details, such as Shipment Options, and any other shipment information.
  8. Rate the shipment with the currently selected carrier by clicking Rate from the menu or by pressing Ctrl + Alt + R. To rate shop, select Rate Shop from the menu or press Ctrl + Alt + S. Select a carrier from the Rate Quotes section.
    Rate the shipment
  9. Click Ship/Process or save the shipment.
    • Save: To save a shipment without processing it, select Shipment > Save or Ctrl + S. This action saves the shipment as a draft, but does not process the shipment, request pickup from the carrier or automatically print shipping documentation. The shipment is essentially saved as a draft so you may open it and make changes.
    • Ship/Process: To process a shipment, select Shipment > Ship/Process or hit F3. The shipment is tendered to the carrier. If you set up the bill of lading and/or labels to print automatically, they are now generated.