Set Up User Definable Fields

You may define an unlimited number of User Definable fields of various formats. User
Definable field names must be unique. Click the Modify button next to the User Definable field section you want to customize or the Add button to add User Definable fields.

Field ID

This value is a unique identifier for the User Definable field. The Field ID cannot be left blank.

Modifying Field IDs

Although you can change a Field ID, whether it is a default one that was provided or one you originally created, keep in mind that changing the ID is the same as deleting the existing ID and replacing it with a new one. This means any field mappings, freight rules, or conditions, as well as the data in shipments, will be removed. If you change the Field ID and then want to recover any lost information, you can create a new User Definable field with the original ID.

Field Level

This value defines whether the User Definable field is at the Item, Package, Pallet, Order, or Shipment level.

Item level fields are available for both Inventory Items (Maintain > Inventory) and for line items in the shipment.

Field Name

The Field Name defines how the field label appears in StarShip.

Field Type

This value defines the data type of the field. Use the Field Testing area to view how field data will display in StarShip. Choices are:

  • String: This type can be any value or limited to a list of values that you define. See Value Types below.
  • Boolean: This is a True/False data type, so the field will display as a check box in StarShip. “Checked” is True, and “unchecked” is False.
  • Integer: This type can be any value or limited to a list of values that you define. See Value Types below.
  • Decimal: This type is a numeric field that allows you to set the number of decimal places.
  • Money: The Money data type will display the value in dollar/cents format; for example, 1000.25.
  • Date Time: For this type, you can select to use both date and time, only the date, or only the time.

Value Types

For String or Integer field types, you can select “Any Value” (with the value being limited by the field type), or you can add values.

To add a list of values, select “One of a list of values” in the Value Types field.

Define values by typing them in the Allowed Values field and clicking Add.


When values are specified, the User Definable field will display as a list of selectable
values in StarShip. The field will default to the first value in the list.