Setup Overview

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The Setup button on the top menu brings you to a home page for setting up the StarShip interface.

Ready vs. Not Ready

Some sections in Setup will display Ready/Not Ready indicators. You need to set up these areas in order to be ready to ship.

Sections that need to be set up in order to ship will display the Not Ready indicator.



When a section needed for shipping is complete, you’ll see the Ready indicator.


Set vs. Not Set

Other sections, such as Ship Via Rules and Custom Fields, are optional to set up. Though they play a part in shipping, you can choose to set them up or not. They are not necessary to start shipping.

Set vs. Not Set

More Information

Any fields with a blue information icon have additional information available.

Key for Settings

Global Setting

Setting is global to all users, at all Locations, for all machines.

Machine Setting

Setting is specific to the machine.

User Setting

Setting is specific to the user.

Location Setting

Setting is specific to the logged in Location.

Remember Last Location

When you exit Setup and return to it during the same StarShip session, StarShip will save your place and return you to that location. This only occurs for the Setup section of StarShip, and only if you are in the same tab of the same browser window. When you close the tab or browser window, the session is reset.