This section explains the options for configuring routine server and Server Manager behaviors.


Use these settings to automate connection cleanup and logging. Default settings are shown below.

  • Port : Service port number
  • Logging level : Minimum logging only logs StarShip service messages. Internet traffic adds transactions to and from the Internet to the log as well as StarShip service messages. This may include carrier rate/ship/track transactions, address validation, AES Direct submissions, etc.. In addition to StarShip service messages and Internet traffic, Debug mode will also log all transactions sent between the StarShip Client and Server. You can manually clear the logs whenever you wish.
  • Clean up connections : Check this box to enable periodic clearing of idle connections.
  • Run clean up routine every X minutes : Define how often the automatic clean up should occur.
  • Clean up connections older than X minutes : Set the time period after which a user connection is considered idle. This setting also affects the manual Disconnect All Active Users setting.


Click “Check for updates” to set up automatic updates to your registration data and define how often this should occur.

StarShip collects non-sensitive usage data in order to improve StarShip. To turn off this feature, uncheck the “Allow feedback for product improvement” check box.

Background Tracking

Background tracking collects shipment data so that you can look up delivery information for past shipments and generate late deliveries reports from the StarShip Dashboard.

Once enabled here, background tracking can then be enabled/disabled for each individual carrier in Setup > Carrier Interfaces.

Tracking Limits
  • Outbound shipments are automatically tracked only when the Booked Date is in the last 2 weeks.
  • Return shipments are automatically tracked only when the Booked Date is in the last 12 weeks/90 days.

Proxy Settings

Use this section to set up a proxy server for the StarShip Server if you will be using one. If you don’t know this information, ask your Network Administrator for assistance.


StarShip exports EDI shipment information to this shared folder.


The eNotify Email Server can be stopped and started from StarShip Server Manager.

The Email Server must be running in order to use eNotify.

There are three possible states for the eNotify Email Server :

  • Not Running : If the eNotify Email Server is not running, click Start eNotify to start the Email Server.
  • Running : When the eNotify Email Server is started, you’ll see this message. To stop the Email Server, click Stop eNotify.
  • Registered but not installed : If you’re registered for the eNotify option, but see this message, the eNotify Email Server is not installed on the current machine. Contact Technical Support using the information provided.

eNotify Database Backup

Check this option to back up the eNotify database every certain number of days. You can select from 1 to 7 days.

Note : Server Manager runs a background task that clears files older than 7 days.

You can accept the default path to the backup location or enter a path in the field provided.  Windows 7 users who want to use a network location should use a UNC path and not a mapped drive.

Manager Options
  • Minimize Server Manager to the system tray on startup : If you do not want the StarShip Server Manager interface to display when it starts up, you can configure it to automatically minimize to the system tray. Click the check box to enable this option.
  • Traffic Logging : Check the check box for each type of traffic you want to see in the Server Manager. When a type of traffic is checked here, this will activate the corresponding tab in the Server Manager.