SAP B1 Settings

StarShip can write back shipment detail to SAP when you process a shipment for Sales Orders, Deliveries, and Invoices. Write-Back varies based on the type of SAP document you are shipping. There is no write-back when shipping against Customers, and no Freight or Notes write-back for Invoices.

You can access these settings by selecting Setup > Source Interfaces > SAP B1 (version) and clicking Interfaces. Then, click the Customize Interface button for Sales Orders, Deliveries, or Invoices to set up write-back for that document.

Write-Back Settings

When a shipment is processed or voided in StarShip

Define when freight should be written back to SAP when a shipment is processed or voided in StarShip. You can choose from these options:

  • Always write freight to (source document): When you save or void a shipment in StarShip, the freight amount is written back to your source document. This is the default setting.
  • Do not write freight back to the (source document): No write-back will occur.
Tax Code Requirement

This requirement applies only to SAP B1 Hana SL users. In order for Freight to write back, you must enter a default Tax Code for each Customer Ship To address. To do this, go to Modules > Business Partners > Business Partner Master Data and select the Addresses tab. Then, set the Tax Code under Ship To > Shipping.

Set the Tax Code

Freight Name

StarShip uses the Freight Name to write the freight charge back to a freight field for Sales Orders and Deliveries. You will need to add a freight field in SAP or use an existing one, and then add the name of that freight field here. If “Always write freight…” is selected above, you are required to enter a Freight Name before you can save your interface in Customize Interface; if you do not have the Freight Name set up, the freight charge will NOT write back to the SAP document.

The following sections give you the instructions for adding or viewing the freight field in SAP and then setting the Freight field in StarShip.

SAP Setup

In SAP, the name for the freight field is set up in Modules > Administration > System Initialization > Document Settings > General tab. Then, click the Freight – Setup button.


The Freight Setup dialog is where you can add the field to be used for the freight charge, or look up the existing field name used for freight. Make a note of the name and return to StarShip.

StarShip Setup

In the StarShip Write-Back Settings, enter the Freight Name exactly as it appears in SAP. The Freight Name is case-sensitive.

Select write-back destination for Notes

You can direct Notes write-back to a specific SAP field. Selections are:

  • Pick and Pack Remarks
  • Expected Delivery Date
  • Ship Via
  • Any Sales Order Header Level user-defined field in SAP

Do not update SAP packages and package contents on write-back for freight shipment

This setting is applicable for Delivery and Invoice write-back. In SAP, select this option in StarShip, it will not write-back packages and package contents. If the user selects this option  to create an invoice when shipping the delivery, it will copy all existing packages of SAP delivery to the created invoice.

Do not create a Delivery Note when shipping Sales Orders

This setting is available for Sales Orders write-back only. StarShip will automatically create the Delivery for you when you ship a Sales Order. Check the option only if you do not want a Delivery to be created. When this option is checked, StarShip writes the shipment information back to the Sales Order.

Deliveries Only Settings

Do not create an Invoice when shipping Deliveries

StarShip will automatically create an Invoice for you when you ship a Delivery. Check this option if you do not want an Invoice to be created. When checked, StarShip writes the shipment information back to the Delivery. Note that the applied freight will not be written back to the Delivery when this option is selected.

Create one Invoice for all Deliveries

This setting controls whether one invoice is created per Delivery (not selected) or one invoice is created for all Deliveries (selected) on a shipment when a shipment is processed in StarShip.


If one of these settings is selected, the other setting is automatically disabled by StarShip.

Notes Settings

Freight and Parcel Shipments

The Notes Settings contain default shipment detail that writes back to the SAP Sales Orders and Deliveries for Freight and Parcel shipments. The Note Tag is the printed title; the information from the StarShip field on the right will appear next to the Tag words in SAP. You can change the fields that write back by changing the Note Field, or click the Add Note Settings button to add more fields.

Freight Notes

Check the check box that says “Write the information below to the [SAP document] when a Freight shipment is processed in StarShip” to enable Notes write-back for Freight shipments.

These are the default fields for freight shipments.

Parcel Notes

Check the check box that says “Write the information below to the [SAP document] when a Parcel shipment is processed in StarShip” to enable Notes write-back for Parcel shipments.

These are the default fields for Parcel shipments.