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SAP B1 User-Defined Fields

StarShip can access any user-defined fields you define in SAP B1. You can create user-defined fields in Tools > Customization Tools > User-Defined Fields – Management.

User-Defined Fields in SAP B1

User-defined fields will be available for you to map to StarShip fields (in Setup > Source Interfaces > SAP B1 (version) > Interfaces tab > Customize Interface) so that you can import their values into StarShip shipments. To map user-defined fields in StarShip, select Setup > Source Interfaces > SAP B1 (your version) and click the Interfaces heading. Then, click the Customize Interface button for Sales Orders, Deliveries, or Invoices.

You can also set up write-back of shipment details to Header and Package level user-defined fields when you process a shipment in StarShip. See SAP B1 Custom Write-Back for more information

New User-Defined Fields

If you add any new user-defined fields in SAP B1, you will need to log out of StarShip and then log back in. This allows StarShip to import the new fields you added.