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Sage 500 User Defined Fields

Define unique field names for your Sage 500 User Defined fields and they will be available for mapping in Customize Interface for your company in StarShip. StarShip will also automatically import the values associated with User Defined fields, which you can translate into StarShip shipment values.

The list is company-specific; therefore, when you edit the Sage 500 User Defined fields, you will need to reload the Customize Interface page to retrieve the updated fields.

It is also important that the field names you choose are unique for each document; in the case of duplicate field names, only one instance will appear in StarShip. User Defined fields having a blank field name will not display in StarShip at all.


You can customize up to six User Defined fields that are associated with the Item in Sage 500. Setup for these fields is accessible from Inventory Management > IM Setup > Setup IM Options. On the Miscellaneous tab, click the Custom Fields button.


Select whether the field is optional or required.


Enter a field label for this User Defined field.

Data Type

Select the data type. When using a Validated data type, a list of valid values can be maintained using the Values button.

Once the fields have been added, they are available in Inventory Management > Maintenance > Maintain Items.