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Sage 500 Ship Via/Terms Mapping

StarShip provides additional flexibility in customizing each Sage 500 interface. You can define:

  • the default value for each field in the StarShip shipment that is not mapped to a Sage 500 field.
  • how shipment fields are mapped by adding, changing, or removing maps for shipment fields Sage 500 sends to StarShip.
  • how a shipment fields with a value list (such as Billing Type) translates from the Sage 500 value it is mapped to.

New Ship Via or Terms Values

If you add new values to the Ship Via or Terms in Sage 500, follow these steps to send StarShip the updated value list and set up the new translations.

Sage 500 Ship Via Setup

You can define Shipping Methods in Common Information > Maintenance > CI Setup > Set Up Shipping Methods. The Ship Via description is shown in the Shipping area of the Header tab of the Edit Shipments window.

Sage 500 Payment Terms Setup

New Payment Terms are set up in Common Information > Maintenance > CI Setup > Set Up Payment Terms. Payment Terms appear on the Header tab of the Enter Sales Order screen. If multiple Sales Orders are in a shipment, StarShip retrieves the first on by Sales Order number.


  1. In StarShip, select Setup > Source Interfaces > Sage 500 ERP (your version). On the Interfaces page, click the Customize Interface button for the document (Shipments, Customers).
  2. To translate values for the Shipping Method field, select the Shipment field group and then Carrier Information. Click the Carrier – Service field. The Field Mapping Source is set to Sage 500 ERP Field and the source document field (Sales Order field, Customer field, etc) is set to Ship Via. You can perform value translations below the field mapping area:
  3. To translate values for Payment Terms, select Shipment > Shipment Options and then click on COD (Select), for example. Set the “Maps from” field to Payment Terms and update the translated COD (Select) value for each Terms value.