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Enable StarShip in Sage 500

This topic shows you how to set up options specific to StarShip from within Sage 500. The Object Interface (available from Sage Software at no cost) should be registered before starting this procedure. You must perform this setup process for each Sage 500 company that will use StarShip to process shipments.

  1. Launch Sage 500 ERP. Select Sales Order > Maintenance > SO Setup > Setup SO Options.
  2. On the Shipments tab, set the External Shipping System to “StarShip”.
  3. Next, make sure that the Weight Unit of Measure is set to Pound.
  4. Click Finish and Exit.
Billed Freight Write-Back

This setting allows StarShip to write the total applied charges to the Billed Freight field in the Sage 500 Edit Shipments screen.

Set the Freight Method to “Packaging” for Sales Order in the Enter Sales Orders and Quotes screen.