Sage 500 Overview

StarShip simplifies the workflow by allowing packages to be defined at the time of shipping, eliminating the extra clicks associated to Edit Shipments/Enter Pack List. Using this method, StarShip updates Sage 500 ERP with freight charges, tracking information, and package level detail. All of this happens outside of the Sage 500 ERP user interface.

StarShip includes the following features for Sage 500 ERP:

  • Shipments can be initiated directly from StarShip.
  • More control over customizing interfaces and mapping between StarShip and Sage 500 ERP.
  • Enhanced package detail shared between Sage 500 ERP and the StarShip shipment.
  • More shipment detail sent back to Sage 500 ERP, such as all tracking numbers.
  • Connecting to the Sage 500 ERP shipment allows you to ship against multiple orders going to the same customer.