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Sage 300 Overview

Welcome to StarShip for Sage 300, the latest in a series of Sage software integrations.

StarShip provides a seamless integration with Sage 300 and provides the most efficient and error-free way to ship your Sales Orders, Shipments or Invoices. StarShip improves efficiency by automatically updating Sage 300 documents with freight charges, shipment detail, and tracking information. This real-time integration allows you to ship single or multiple Sales Orders/Shipments/Invoices in one shipment, initiated directly from StarShip. StarShip connects with Sage 300 to retrieve line item detail automatically to make shipping a breeze.

A Sage 300 Plug-in with Lots of Options

StarShip offers you the flexibility to use multiple source documents: Sales Orders, Shipments, Invoices or the customer list. In all cases StarShip retrieves and translates fields from Sage 300 to make shipping faster, easier and with less errors.

Easily personalize the interface with full access to the field list and translations. You can also generate branded shipment notifications, branded labels and all other documentation ultimately resulting in less calls to customer service AND repeat traffic/sales to your site.

Sage 300 shipments are automatically generated as a result of shipping and updated with freight charges, notes, package and tracking detail for fast, accurate billing.