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Reprocess a Shipment

This scenario shows you how to reprocess a shipment that you have already processed and need to reopen and edit.

  1. Go the Rate/Ship section of StarShip.
  2. On the left menu, select Shipments.
    The default filter for shipments is Status equals ‘Open, Processed’. To view only processed shipments, click the filter, deselect “Open”, and click Apply.
    To view only Processed shipments, deselect the Open filter.
  3. In the Shipments grid, select the Edit button (pencil icon) in the shipment row.
    Click the Edit button on the shipment row.
  4. StarShip will prompt you to choose Yes or No to reopen the shipment.
    When you reopen a shipment, its Status is reverted to “Open”, thereby voiding any ship or pickup requests associated with the shipment that were made to the carrier. Choose Yes to continue.
    Choose Yes when asked if you want to reopen the shipment.
  5. Make the desired changes to the shipment and when you have finished, you can rate the shipment and/or Ship/Process it.
Label Notes

Any package/pallet labels or other shipment documents that were already printed when you processed the shipment the first time are not automatically reprinted when you reprocess it. You will need to print the new labels manually.

More Information

See Reprint Labels/Shipping Documents for Processed Shipments for further instructions.