Replicate Location Data

StarShip allows you to copy data that is stored by location from one source location to one or multiple destination locations. Locations are defined by your Registration key.

  1. First, verify that  the source location contains the data to be replicated (i.e. Sender addresses, etc.).
  2. Disconnect all StarShip Client connections.
  3. From the StarShip Server Manager, select Database > Replicate Location Data.
  • Source Location : Select the location from which the data should be copied.
  • Destination Location/s : Select the StarShip location/s to which the data should be copied.
  • Data to replicate : Select the data that you want to copy to the secondary destination(s).
  1. Click the Replicate button.
  2. On the Confirmation dialog, click Yes to confirm the replication.


  3. Click OK.
  4. Review the Server messages tab to verify that the number of records replicated is correct.


  5. Click Cancel to exit.


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