Preliminary Setup Steps

Before you can add your company to StarShip and start shipping, you will need to check that a few things in your environment are set up correctly.

StarShip Connector

The StarShip Connector is used to print from StarShip and connect to source interfaces. The Connector can be run as a desktop application or as a service. In order to use QuickBooks Enterprise (QBE) with StarShip, the Connector desktop application needs to be running. QBE does not work with the StarShip Connector service.

More information about the StarShip Connector.

Disable the Connector Service

Make sure the StarShip Connector service is disabled. To do this, right-click on the task bar and select “Task Manager” from the pop-up menu. Click on the Services tab, find the StarShip Connector Service, right-click on it and select “End task”. Note: StarShip Online users will see the “StarShip Online Connector Service”.

Run the Connector

QuickBooks Enterprise and the Connector must be run at the same permissions level.

After the StarShip Connector service is disabled, perform the following steps to be able to print shipping documents from  StarShip and use QuickBooks Enterprise as your Source:

  1. Run the Desktop Connector as an administrator. To do this, right-click on the Desktop Connector shortcut and select “Run as administrator”.
  2. Run QuickBooks Enterprise as an Admin using the same method and log in as an Admin.

If you’re logged into Windows as a Standard user, the Admin password is required each time you select “Run as administrator”.

It is not a common scenario, but some users may not need to print from StarShip. In this case, you can run both the Desktop Connector and QuickBooks Enterprise as a standard Windows user.