Paperless Trade Documents

StarShip can request electronic documents from the carrier in addition to printing international documents. The paperless settings are configured in the Carrier Interface accounts.


UPS Paperless Invoice is no longer a contract service. UPS will impose surcharges when submitting a Commercial Invoice. Make sure you are using the Paperless Invoice option if you don’t want to be charged.

The UPS Paperless Invoice option is always available under the Shipment Details tab if you are processing International Shipments. You can manually check on it if you want to use a UPS Paperless Invoice.

Or you can map it to the source interface or set it to specific default values.

To map your source interface’s UPS Paperless Invoice field, navigate to Setup > Source Interfaces and select your source interface.

Click the Interfaces page heading, and then select the Customize Interface button for the document(s) you are shipping against.

On the Select Mappings page, expand the Shipment folder.  Find the UPS Paperless Invoice field and then choose the source interface field you want to map to, or just set it as a Fixed Value True or False.  You can also do the same for the UPS Paperless NAFTA field if you need an electronic document for it.


To access settings for FedEx Electronic Trade documents, go to Setup > Carrier Interfaces > FedEx > Accounts and edit the FedEx account.

Edit the FedEx account

On the Settings page, enable the Electronic Trade Documents to request from FedEx.

FedEx ETD settings