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Packing Line Items

Manual Packaging

You can pack the shipment manually, by clicking the Packaging section. In the Packaging View, drag and drop the items into first level packaging (for example, Box).

Packaging Scenarios

Line items can be packed using learned or created packaging scenarios (added or modified in Maintain > Inventory Items). If you’ve shipped any of the items before, StarShip retrieves packaging scenarios and automatically packs those items into first level packaging (boxes, cartons, etc). By default, auto-packing based on packaging scenarios is not enabled. You can enable this setting in Setup > Preferences under Packing Preferences (for Freight or Parcel); check the option, “Automatically pack items based on packaging scenarios.” You can additionally control how items are packed using the related Auto-Pack Preference setting below it (for Freight or Parcel).


StarShip supports mixed items in one box. However, StarShip can only learn packaging scenarios for future shipments when you have one type of item in one package. The auto-learning of packaging scenarios is optional and can be disabled.

Loose Items

Loose items imported from the source document can be packed automatically into a default box. StarShip will pack loose items into default packaging based on the Preferences setting, “When importing orders, pack all loose items into a default package.” This is the default setting; if you want to change this default, uncheck this setting in Parcel or Freight Preferences under Packing Preferences. Note that this setting is worded differently for Freight Preferences because it takes pallets into account.

StarShip Inventory Items

If you add items from StarShip inventory, these can be automatically packed into the first, currently selected, or a new default box. They can also be left loose. This is based on the Preferences setting, “When adding items from StarShip inventory, place loose items in …” The default setting is first package.

Packing Assistant

Items can be packed using the Packing Assistant, if it is enabled in Preferences setup (for Freight or Parcel), either manually or automatically (based on learned packaging scenarios). In the Shipment Editor, you can also click the “Switch to Packing Assistant” menu item to use the Packing Assistant at any time.