Multiple Warehouses Setup

In Acumatica, all items in the same shipment must be associated with the same Warehouse. Only line items with a Warehouse ID that matches the Warehouse ID of the current company connection will import with the Sales Order in StarShip. If you ship items from or between multiple Warehouses, the methods in this topic will help you to ship a Sales Order containing items from different Warehouses.

Method 1: Don’t set the Warehouse ID

This method will allow you to select the items to ship from the Sales Order. In Company Setup (when you add or edit a company), leave the Warehouse ID field blank. This will allow you to ship items from any Warehouse.


In the Shipment Editor, when you import a Sales Order that contains items from more than one Warehouse, StarShip will display the Select Warehouse window. Select the Warehouse you want to ship from and click OK.

The items will import, and you can add any shipment detail and then Ship/Process the shipment. Once the Sales Order Status in Acumatica is “Back Order”, either by Confirming the Shipment on Ship/Process or by invoicing the Shipment in Acumatica, you can import the Sales Order into StarShip again to ship the remaining items.

Note: If you’re shipping the remaining items on the same day, the Open Shipment dialog will display. This dialog alerts you that a shipment from this Sales Order already exists. Select the “Create New” button to create a new shipment for the Sales Order.


In Acumatica, you’ll see the Shipments associated with the Sales Order. This example shows a Sales Order that was Confirmed when StarShip created the Shipment.

This next example shows a Sales Order where the Shipment was invoiced in order to Back Order the additional Warehouse items on the Sales Order.


Method 2: Create a company for each Warehouse

We only recommend using this method when you have custom field mappings for each Warehouse, or just a few Warehouses. It will require you to switch to the company associated with a Warehouse in order to ship items from that Warehouse.

Add a company for each Warehouse in Setup > Source Interfaces > Acumatica (version) > New Company. For the Company Name field, we recommend appending the Warehouse name in order to easily identify it.

Once the Warehouses have been added as companies, they appear in the Companies list. You can now configure each company connection separately, if you wish.

(Optional) Under Interfaces, you can set up an interface with customized field mapping, value translations, and write-back to Acumatica that corresponds to each Warehouse. Click the New Interface button and again, add the Warehouse ID as an identifier.

You can now switch between the company/warehouses to ship the Sales Order.