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Magento Write-Back for eCommerce Extension

Order Write-Back

Order Information Status

When an order is fully shipped, StarShip will set the Order Status to “Complete”.

Magento Order information write-back

Carrier Information

Shipping & Handling Information is updated in the Payment & Shipping Method.

Magento shipping information


The Notes that are set up in Magento Settings are written back to the Order Comments and the Comments History.

Magento Order Comments


Shipment is created

A Magento shipment is created each time you ship against an Order.

Partial Shipments

For multiple shipments against the same Order, a separate shipment is created for each one in Magento. When you only partially ship items from an Order, StarShip will change the order status to “Processing”. Items that were shipped are marked as “Shipped”. When the remaining items are shipped, StarShip will append the new shipment information to the Comments section (if Notes write-back is enabled) and mark the entire order as “Complete”.

Multiple shipments write-back

Both sets of Notes are appended to the Order Comments and Comments History.

Magento Comments write-back

Tracking Number

The tracking number is written back to the Payment & Shipping Method, under Shipping and Tracking information.


If you change the imported Shipping Method in StarShip and ship with a different carrier/service than originally on the Order, the carrier/service is updated in the Carrier grid but not under the “Track this shipment” link.

Tracking Info