International Setup Overview

These are the basic steps you need to perform to set up the elements required to process international shipments. Once each item is set up, StarShip will do most of the work for you when you’re shipping. This includes printing international documents and requesting “paperless” trade documents.

Complete each of these steps to make international shipping effortless. If you are not using paperless trade documents, you can skip that section.

  1. International Preferences
    Configure settings for electronically submitting shipments to AESDirect, as well as settings for the Commercial Invoice. These preferences are located in Setup > Preferences > International.
  2. General Preferences
    Configure line item settings so that StarShip can use both line item detail from the source interface and the StarShip database to get the data for all required international fields. This is useful for users whose source interface does not provide all the fields needed for international shipping. These preferences are located in Setup > Preferences > General.
  3. Set Up Line Items
    Set up line items so that required international fields are populated when you ship those items.
  4. International Documents
    Set up international documents that print when you process a shipment.
  1. Paperless Trade Documents
    Set up the options for requesting paperless trade documents from the carrier.
Now you are ready to ship!

For more information about international shipping, see Process an International Shipment.

Video Tutorial

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