StarShip Web Installation Order

With StarShip, the order in which you install the components is important. This topic guides you through that order and gives you links to the steps you need to install each component. Please read through each step’s information for things you need to know before you begin. You should also check the System Requirements section for minimum and recommended requirements.

Be sure to close down any other programs that might be running before getting started. If you see an installation error regarding drive space, see Installation Size Error.


For first-time StarShip users

Before installing the StarShip Server, some prerequisite software might need to be installed. The installation program will check the computer and let you know which, if any, programs need to be installed. After installing the prerequisite software, you will continue with the StarShip Server installation.

Order of Installation

  1. Install or Update the StarShip Server.
    The StarShip Server Manager must only be installed on one computer. The StarShip Server computer must be accessible by each StarShip Client or Web Client.
  2. Run the StarShip Web Installer.
    This will install the StarShip Web Client, our web-based shipping interface. It should be installed on the same computer as the StarShip Server. This is optional; if you want to use the StarShip Web Client, run this installation.
  3. Run the StarShip Client Installer.
    This installs StarShip Client components. It includes the option to install the classic StarShip Desktop Client as well as the StarShip Connector, which is needed for StarShip Web to connect to on-prem source interfaces, print shipping labels, and read weight from scales. Read through the StarShip Client Installer topic for tips on where to install the Connector.
  4. Setup and Configuration.
    Whether it’s your first time using StarShip or you’ve been using our classic Desktop Client, you”ll want to set up a few things straight away that affect your basic functionality in StarShip. This topic guides you through some critical setup items that you need to set up in order to get started quickly with StarShip.If you used our classic StarShip Desktop Client before, most of your settings will be imported automatically, but some items, for example printing, will need to be set up again. There are also a few new settings that you’ll want to look at!

Installation Size Error

If you are trying to install StarShip on a machine, drive or partition that has more than 2TB of free disk space, you will see the error message

“This software requires an additional 2006968216 K bytes free on the C: drive to install. Please remove any unnecessary files and try again.”

The current workaround is to run the installer on a different drive, machine, or partition that has less than 2TB of free space.