Hazardous Materials Setup

To streamline your HazMat/DG shipping process, use the following setup articles to set up all the required elements before you start shipping.

1. Hazardous Materials Profiles

Create predefined Hazardous Materials profiles that contain all the data needed to identify Hazardous Materials tendered for shipping, and can be assigned at various levels of the shipment.

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Learn about creating and assigning Hazardous Materials Profiles.

2. Hazardous Materials Preferences

Set up the contact information needed when shipping HazMat/DG. There’s also an option to allow StarShip to populate Hazardous Materials detail based on line items.

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See Hazardous Materials Preferences for more detailed information.

3. Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Documents

StarShip supports hazardous freight and parcel shipments for all carriers except DHL, USPS, and OnTrac. You will need to enable certain shipping documents based on the carrier you are shipping with, which you can set up in Printing Profiles. It is your responsibility as the shipper to ensure that your shipments have the appropriate documentation and that all forms are accurate and complete.


For each hazardous materials package, UPS requires shippers to affix an authorized UPS Shipping Paper or Shipper’s Declaration (for IATA shipments, three copies of the DG Dec are required) to each package, and to complete an entry in the UPS Shipper’s Certification of Hazardous Materials (end of day manifest for hazardous materials). Each UPS driver receiving hazardous materials must also receive a hard copy of the Shipper’s Certification representing those hazardous materials shipments.

StarShip can generate the UPS Hazardous Materials Manifest, Shipping Declaration for Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods, and HazMat Shipping Papers.


StarShip can generate shipping forms OP-900, the FedEx HazMat Certificate, and Declaration of Dangerous Goods.


StarShip can print the HazMat Bill of Lading.


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See Enable HazMat/DG Documents for more information.