Rate Quote Write-Back

Rate Quote can update the Freight, Ship To Address, and Shipping Method on the Sales Transaction when the rate is applied from StarShip Rate Quote. The write-back to Sales Transaction dialog appears after you click Apply on the Rate Quote web client. Depending upon your settings, the check boxes will be enabled or disabled. For information on how to set up custom fields to write-back, see Custom Write-Back.

The following are some of the header fields that may be available for writing to on Ship.

Sales Transaction Update


Freight write-back from Rate Quote is controlled by the Rating setting in Write-Back Setup (Always, Never, Prompt). When set to Prompt, the user can select on a shipment by shipment basis whether to update the freight on the Sales Transaction. When set to Always or Never, the check box is grayed out and either checked (Always) or unchecked (Never).

Ship Method

For this field, you can configure the translation of the current Ship Via in StarShip Rate Quote to the Shipping Method on the Sales Transaction. The drop-down list will contain all the Shipping Methods set up in Dynamics GP. The Ship Method prompt only appears if the field is mapped in Custom Write-Back.


For setup information, see Custom Write-Back for Shipping Method.

Ship To Address

Users will see a write-back prompt if the Ship To Address fields are mapped in Custom Write-Back for Rate and the address has been modified on the Rate Quote screen.


For setup information, see Custom Write-Back for Ship To Address