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Reset SCAC mappings to default

This option allows you to reset the SCAC mappings to the current defaults. You may need to do this if current SCAC mappings become broken due to user error.  It will also remove any new SCAC mappings that have been entered, including the correct ones. This plugin should only be used if necessary. See the example below for a common case scenario.

After selecting this option, Server Manager will prompt you to confirm this action.



The user rate shops and selects the rate for the unknown carrier, shown in light blue.

The unknown carrier must be mapped in StarShip in order to ship with it. Therefore,  the user is prompted to map the unknown carrier, either to an existing carrier or by creating a new carrier and service.

If the user accidentally assigns the unknown carrier to an incorrect existing carrier/service, the map becomes broken since he is unable to remove the link between “Estes Express Lines” (SCAC = EXLA) and A. Duie Pyle (SCAC = PYLE).

The “Reset SCAC mappings to default” allows you to fix broken mappings by restoring the default SCAC mappings.

See also : Rate Shop


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