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FedEx International DirectDistribution Setup

To set up FedEx International DirectDistribution, make sure that you have first contacted your FedEx account rep to add this contract service to your account. Then, continue with the steps to set up the service for your account in StarShip.


If you are setting up this FedEx account for the first time, you can follow the steps here.

Account Setup

  1. In StarShip, select Setup from the top menu and then select Carrier Interfaces > FedEx from the side menu.
  2. Click the Edit Account button for the account that is approved for FedEx International DirectDistribution.
    Select the Edit button for the FedEx account
  3. Click the Settings tab. Under the International section, enable the “This account has been configured by the carrier to support FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution” check box.
    Enable the option
  4. Click the Add button to add the distribution center.
    Click the Add button
  5. Enter the Country, Facility Code and Alternate Return Address provided to you by FedEx. This address should be in the same country as the facility, with the exception of EU destinations. For EU destinations, the address can be in any country within the EU, if you are registered for SPOC (single point of clearance). (See Notes)
    When you’re done, click Save.
    Enter the facility information
  6. If you are approved to ship with International Ground Distribution, check the “This account has been configured by the carrier to support FedEx International Ground Distribution” check box. Again, select Add to add the clearance facility and enter the facility information. This screen has an additional field, Location Code. This is the clearance facility location ID. (See Notes)
    Click Save.
    Add the Canada distribution facility
  7. Exit the setup dialog.
Facility Code, Alternate Return Address, and Importer of Record Fields

FedEx will provide you with the Facility code, Alternate Return Address, and Importer of Record for each route; for example, from the United States to the EU, or from the United States via Ground Distribution to Canada. FedEx will also give you the Location Code needed when setting up Ground Distribution to Canada. [/ht_message]

Importer of Record Setup

FedEx requires an Importer of Record in the destination country to be specified for FedEx International DirectDistribution shipments. When you get the Importer of Record information from FedEx, you can set up your importer(s) in StarShip so that you can select it from the Importer field in the future when you process shipments.

  1. In StarShip, go to Setup > Maintain > Importers.
  2. Select the Add Importer button.
    Click Add Importer
  3. Enter the Importer information.
    Enter the Importer information
    More Information

    For additional detail about fields on the Add Importers screen, see the Maintain Importers section.

  4. Click Save. Do this for any other Importers you want to add.
On the Ship Screen

Now you’ll be able to choose from your predefined Importers on the Ship screen when processing a shipment.

The Importer can be selected while shipping in the Transportation > Details section of the Ship screen. You can also add an Importer on-the-fly using the “Enter New Importer…” drop-down list item.

Selecting the Importer on the Ship screen

Documents Setup

Prior to shipping, enable and set up the documents that are generated when you ship International DirectDistrubution shipments. See FedEx International DirectDistribution Documents Setup for more information.