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FedEx International DirectDistribution Documents Setup

Make sure you have the FedEx documents that you want to print enabled in the Printing Profile you use when shipping FedEx International DirectDistribution shipments.

To do this, go to Setup > Printing & Scale and select the Printing Profiles page. Under My Profile, select the profile and then click Edit.

Edit the Profile

Select the documents you want to print and configure printer settings by expanding the “+”.

Configure documents

Available Documents To Print

In addition to the general documents available when you process a shipment, which include the Certificate of origin, Commercial invoice, Declaration for Dangerous Goods, Export Declaration, Shipping Label, USMCA Certification of Origin, and the OP 900, you can additionally print the Consolidated Commercial Invoice.

A Consolidated Commercial Invoice is required whether FedEx generates the document or you provide your own.

You can set up the following documents in StarShip:

  • Condensed CRN Report
  • Consolidated Commercial Invoice
  • Consolidated Party Report
  • Consolidated Sold to Summary Report
  • CRN Report
  • Customs Packing List
  • Commodities By Tracking Number Report

Document Settings

For more information about setting up documents under Printing Profiles, see Document Settings.