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Write-Back Without Line Items

When using eCommerce as an Extension without line item information or a way to match the item in the ERP to eCommerce items, StarShip will ship all items on the order without line item detail and will still write back to the eCommerce order.

No Line Item Support in ERP

If your ERP interface does not support line items at all, you do not have to map the eCommerce Item Number. All items on the eCommerce order are automatically shipped, with no additional setup or configuration required. You’re good.

Line Item Support in ERP but No Field to Map

Does your ERP support line items, but you don’t have an Item Number field or other key field that contains the item identifier, so you can’t map the eCommerce Item Number?

In this case, there is line item detail in the shipment but no item key is supplied from the ERP source (no Order Item ID type field) to map to the eCommerce Item Number. You have two options:

  1. Use a field from your ERP interface to populate with the value “SHIP_ALL” and map that field to the eCommerce Item Number. With this method, you take a field from your ERP — it can be a user-defined field or any field you can dedicate to this purpose. Then, in StarShip, map that field to the eCommerce Item Number. Populate that field with a default value of “SHIP_ALL” when shipping.
  2. Or, set the eCommerce Item Number field to a fixed value of “SHIP_ALL”. Under the Shipment target fields, map the eCommerce Item Number to the Field Mapping Source Fixed Value and enter “SHIP_ALL” in the Fixed Value field.
    Enter a Fixed Value of "SHIP_ALL"

In both cases, StarShip will ship all the items on the eCommerce order and

  • will pack like items together if possible.
  • will not validate Line Item quantities that are changed in StarShip against the eCommerce order.