Export Setup Data

This data recovery method provides an additional measure to SQL backup. If your SQL backup is not functional or for Disaster Recovery purposes, you can recover your setup data from the .sszip file created in this export process.

  1. Select Database > Export Setup Data.
  2. The Export location and filename are populated by default. The Export Folder path may be modified from the StarShip installation directory by clicking the ellipsis button next to the field. You can also modify the Export file name from the default “StarShip_Data.sszip” by typing directly in the field.
  3. Select the type of setup data to back up. All choices are checked by default. Deselect any data you do not want to export.


  4. Click the Export button to create the backup file. The file is created for the data types you selected. Click OK.


  5. Click Exit.

See also : Import Setup Data


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