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Increase Shipment Freight $5 Per Shipment

In this example, we set up a shipment level rule where Shipment Freight is increased by $5.00 per shipment.

  1. Create a new rule by clicking Add Freight Rule in the Freight Rules Interface.
    Click Add Freight Rule
  2. Next, select Shipment Freight Charges as the value to be modified.
    Select Shipment Freight
  3. On the next dialog, select Increase.
    Select Increase
  4. Select “specific amount” and enter “5”.Select "specific amount" and enter "5"
  5. Since we want to charge this handling fee per shipment, select “None” on the next dialog. If you wanted to charge a fee for each order or each package in a shipment, you would select that here.
    Select None
  6. For “When do you want to apply this rule” dialog, select “Always”. If you wanted to apply this rule only under specific conditions, you would define conditions on this dialog.Select Always
  7. Next, verify the rule you just created. In this example, there are no conditions so “under any conditions” displays under the rule. Check “If this rule applies, do not process any additional rules” if you want StarShip to stop processing rules once the rule has been applied.