eNotify Overview

The eNotify option enables you to send shipment email notifications through StarShip instead of using carrier notification options. It includes a Template Designer and Email Viewer.

eNotify allows for real-time notification when a shipment is processed, edited, or voided. You can create multiple email templates for different uses. StarShip also allows you to create custom templates for your company that let you

  • insert variable fields, including line-item data, from the ERP or eCommerce interface
  • add logos or other company branding
  • create links to your website

Another benefit to using eNotify is that you can send email notifications for any carrier that StarShip supports. Shipping documents generated by StarShip can be attached to email notifications as PDFs; for example, the Commercial Invoice, NAFTA, Certificate of Origin, BOL, Packing List, etc. This also includes the ability to control PDF file names using parameters such as customer name, Transaction Number, PO #, and more.

Web Browser Notes

  • If you are using the Microsoft Edge web browser, we recommend that you use the latest version of Edge (v44.18362.267.0 or higher) due to issues with earlier versions.
  • Internet Explorer is not supported for eNotify.


Getting Started


The eNotify feature is encoded into your registration key when purchased. It will appear in the StarShip Server manager under Registration > Options as Email Notification.

To add eNotify to your StarShip installation, contact V-Technologies Sales at sales@vtechnologies.com.

eNotify Components

Template Designer
The Template Designer lets you create and customize templates. It is accessible from Setup > eNotify. For more information, see Template Designer.
Email Viewer
The Email Viewer is where you can see all the email that was generated and sent by eNotify. This is where you can also view Failed, Pending, and Deleted emails. The Email Viewer is accessible from the StarShip Dashboard.
Email Notification Service
For StarShip Web (On-Prem) users, the Email Notification service can be started and stopped from the StarShip Server Manager under Tools > Options > eNotify. The Email Server must be running in order to use eNotify. For more information, see eNotify Email Server.