Sales Trx Write-Back

StarShip writes back freight and shipment detail to the Sales Trx after you Ship/Process it. Write-Back depends upon how you configured Dynamics GP Settings and Custom Write-Back Setup in Setup > Source Interfaces > MS Dynamics GP (version).


After you Ship/Process a Sales Trx document, StarShip writes the freight amount, including the freight tax calculation (if applicable), to the Freight field on the Sales Trx.


You will receive a warning and freight will not write back under the following conditions:

  • for “Return” type Sales Trx;
  • if the currency on the Sales Trx (Currency ID on the Sales Transaction Entry screen) is not the functional currency. This setting is configured in Dynamics GP in Setup > Financial > Multi-Currency > Currency ID;
  • if any of the Sales Tax Details that apply to freight are not based on “Percent of Sale/Purchase.” You can view Tax Details in Dynamics GP in Setup > Company > Tax Details (the Based On field).

Shipment Detail

The information set up in Notes Settings will write back to the Note associated with the Sales Trx. Notes can be accessed from the Sales Transaction Entry screen by clicking on the note icon next to the Document No. field.

Here is an example of Notes write-back for a Parcel shipment:

Tracking Numbers

StarShip writes tracking numbers to the table of tracking numbers associated with the Sales Trx. This table is accessible by selecting User-Defined on the Sales Transaction Entry screen.


When a shipment is saved, all existing tracking entries are deleted for the Sales Trx in this table and replaced with all tracking numbers that have today’s ship date and are not voided. This update is done even if freight and tracking information write-back is disabled.

Batch ID

StarShip allows you to assign the Batch ID value to apply to the Sales Trx for deleted batch-shipped shipments. This is controlled by the write-back setting “When a shipment is deleted, set the Batch on the Sales Trx to” in Settings. The Batch name is written to the Batch ID field on the Sales Trx.

You can also set the Batch ID while shipping, by selecting it in the Source section of the Shipment Editor.

Shipped Date

If the “Update Ship Date during Write-Back” setting is enabled in Settings, StarShip will write the Shipped Date back to the Actual Ship Date field on the Sales Trx. You can access this field by clicking the arrow next to the Date field.

The Sales Date Entry screen will open where you will see the Actual Ship Date field.