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Custom Write-Back to Dynamics GP

StarShip supports write-back to several custom fields in Dynamics GP. Some custom fields on the Sales Transaction can be updated both when the shipment is processed in the StarShip Client (Ship) or when the user applies a rate from StarShip Rate Quote (Rate). Certain fields listed below can only be updated on Ship. Custom fields must be mapped to StarShip fields in order for write-back to occur. Write-back to line item fields on Rate is not supported. If a shipment is deleted, no updates are made to custom fields.

Header Fields

These fields support write-back for both “On: Rate” and “On: Ship”. For more information about how write-back occurs for each of these methods (Rate, Ship, and Both), click the information icon next to the “On” setting.

Shipping Method

In order to update the Shipping Method on the Sales Transaction, you first have to map it to the StarShip Ship Carrier Ship Via field and set up value translations.

If the Shipping Method is modified in StarShip, it will be updated on the GP Sales Transaction. If the Shipping Method is modified on the Rate Quote screen, the user will be prompted to update the ship method on write-back. The user will also receive a prompt if value translations are not set up or if there is a translated value that no longer exists in Dynamics GP. See Ship Method for more information.

Ship To Address (1, 2, 3), City, State, ZIP Code fields

To update the Ship To Address information in Dynamics GP, map the Ship To GP fields to the StarShip Recipient Address fields. If the address fields are changed in the StarShip, the corresponding Address ID will be automatically updated in Dynamics GP. If changes are made to the address fields on the Rate Quote screen, the user will be prompted to apply the address change to the Address ID when applying the Rate Quote. See Ship To Address for more information.

Line Item Fields

Line Item Keys Mapping

In order to write back to specific Sales Transaction Line items on Ship, two of the Line Item Key fields must be mapped to the StarShip shipment. You will receive errors upon write-back to Line Item fields if the Line Item Key fields are not mapped. Perform these steps for both fields in Customize Interface for Sales Trx.

  1. On the Select Mappings page, under the Shipment group, expand the Line Item group.
  2. Select the Extra Key1 (or Extra Key2) field and set the Field Mapping Source to “Dynamics GP Field”. The Sales Trx Field will populate with fields from the Sales Transaction.
  3. Set the Sales Trx Field for Extra Key1 to “Line Item Sequence”.
  4. Set the Sales Trx Field for Extra Key2 to “Component Sequence Number”.
  5. Save your changes.
Available Line Item Fields

The following line item fields can be updated when shipping the Sales Transaction:

  • GPS FO Integration ID
  • Integration ID
  • Date Shipped (Line)
  • Date Fulfilled (Line)

For the date fields, the selected StarShip field must be a date field; users will receive an error if any other type of value is selected.

Custom Fields that support Ship only
  • Line Item fields
  • Address User-Defined 1 – 2 (Bill To)
  • Sales Transaction User-Defined 1–3