Shipped Quantity

GP Advanced includes the line item field “Qty Shipped” for the Sales Trx document type. You can modify the default map for this field to ensure that only line item quantities that are still available can be shipped (shown below).


  • The Qty Shipped field is only visible for installations that include the GP Advanced option and contain the GP Advanced tables.
  • In order for mapping to the Qty Shipped field to function correctly, write-back to Shipment Packing tables must be enabled in Settings.
  • StarShip references the ShipPackSOPLine table to determine the number of items already shipped for each line item.


Modify the default map for Shipped Qty so that users can only ship line item quantities that are still available.

  1. Select Setup > Source Interfaces > Microsoft Dynamics GP (your version) and select the Interfaces heading. Then, click the Customize Interface button for Sales Trx.
  2. Expand the Shipment > Line Items groups and remove the default map for “Units to Ship”, which is currently mapped to “Qty Fulfilled”. You can do this by setting the Field Mapping Source to “None.”
  3. Next, set the field “Shipped Units” to the Dynamics GP Field “Qty Shipped” and Save your changes.