Document Settings

Document settings, available for each document in Printing Profiles, allows you to manage and configure how and when shipping documents will print. StarShip has default documents available for you to use.

Click on the document to expand its settings.

Expand the document

General Document Settings

Enable a Document

Checking the check box in the Enabled column will activate a document for use in StarShip. A document must be enabled for you to configure its settings.

Document Description

Displays a brief description of the type of document.

Printer Name

Select the printer for this document. Printers are also associated with a Connector.

PDF Files

Check this box to generate a PDF copy of the document. This option is available for some documents.

To choose the folder where PDF files are saved for the associated Connector, launch the Connector Desktop application from Start > Programs > StarShip Client > StarShip Connector. On the Printing tab, set the Printing Path Folder.

Depending upon the document, you can print it for All Carriers or Selected Carriers. If you choose Selected Carriers, you can choose from a list of your carriers.


Select the carriers for which you want to print this document. You may also use the Select All button to select all carriers, or the Clear All button to remove all carriers.

Selecting carriers

  • Do Not Auto-Print
  • Auto-Print On Ship: StarShip will print the document when you Ship/Process a shipment.
  • Preview On Ship
    When Auto-Print is enabled, you can also preview the document or BOL when you Ship/Process a shipment. From the Preview window, you can then click Print to print the document or BOL.

If you choose not to auto-print, generated documents are available for printing later from Shipment History.

Number of Copies

This field defaults to 1. You can change the number of copies printed by clicking the up/down arrows next to the field.

This image shows the shipping document in relation to the direction in which the document is emitted from the printer.

Additional Conditions

This section allows you to set up printing parameters for the document when Auto-Print “On Ship” is selected. To add a condition, click the Edit Conditions button to launch the Condition Builder. For more information, see Define Conditions.

Thermal Settings

Some additional settings are available if you are configuring a thermal label. See Thermal Settings for more information.