DHL Parcel UK Setup

DHL Parcel UK allows you to create Domestic (UK) and International Parcel shipments (UK Pickup). When logged into the UK Origin account, currency values are shown in British Pounds (GBP). When rating shipments, only UK services will be shown.

You must set up at least one account to ship with DHL Parcel UK. To access account setup, go to Setup > Carrier Interfaces > DHL Parcel UK.


You must use the login associated with the UK Location to access the account used for UK Origin shipments. When a user logs in with this location, only the DHL UK accounts and services will be available. This Login dialog displays when you launch the StarShip login page in your browser. Note: If you log back in to U.S. location, you will only see the U.S. DHL accounts.

More Information

More about logging in and locations

Set Up an Account

  1. Select the Accounts page and click the New Account button.
  2. Enter your DHL Parcel Account Number, Site ID, and Password. The Account Name can be any name you choose to identify the account in StarShip.

    To obtain your DHL Parcel Site ID, you must register for credentials on the DHL Parcel UK Developer Portal.
    Enter the account credentials

  3. Click Next. Enter the Address information. You can also select a previously set up company address (from Setup > Company) in the Address ID field, or leave the default (MAIN) account selected.
    Enter the company address
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Finish. The company is added to your Companies page.