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Deleting/Voiding Shipments

When you delete a shipment, StarShip will remove any freight or notes written back to most source interfaces, and remove the freight and tracking numbers from the packages. When the Shipment Status is Processed, StarShip will submit a void request to the carrier. StarShip will prompt you to confirm the deletion before actually deleting it.

Delete a Shipment from the Shipments Page

  1. On the Rate/Ship page, select the Shipments item from the side menu.
    Click Shipments
  2. Find the shipment you want to delete and click the Delete Shipment (trash) icon.
    Find the shipment and click Delete Shipment
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the shipment and void the ship or pickup request with the carrier by clicking Yes.Confirm shipment deletion
    For shipments that were shipped against a source document, StarShip will additionally update or remove the shipment data from the source interface.
    Confirm shipment deletion
  4. StarShip will confirm that the shipment has been deleted and all actions have been carried out. Click OK to continue.
    Click OK
Delete a Shipment from the Shipment Editor

You can also delete a shipment while viewing the shipment in the Shipment Editor.

  1. On the Rate/Ship > Shipments page, click the magnifying glass to View the shipment.
    View the Shipment
  2. Select the Shipment menu and click Delete Shipment.
    Delete Shipment
Delete an Order from a Multiple Order Shipment

StarShip allows you to delete an order from a shipment that has multiple orders, however you can only perform this process on shipments that have not been shipped/processed. Once a shipment has been processed, no changes can be made to it.


In order to remove an order from an already processed shipment, you would either delete the shipment and reprocess it, or edit the shipment, which would change the Shipment Status back to “Open.”

  1. From Rate/Ship > Shipments, find the shipment and click the Edit button.
  2. In the Source section, click the Delete button in the row of the order you want to delete.
    Delete the Order

Editing a Processed Shipment

When you edit an already processed shipment, StarShip will change the shipment’s Status from “Processed” to “Open”, and void carrier ship/pickup requests and any shipment detail or tracking info written back to the source interface (if applicable). The shipment will open up in the Shipment Editor, with any line items, packaging, shipment options, etc. that were present before you voided the shipment remaining intact, allowing you to make changes and reprocess the shipment.

  1. On the Rate/Ship > Shipments page, click the pencil icon in the shipment row to View the shipment.
    Edit the Shipment
  2. Confirm that you want to reopen the shipment.
    Confirm reopening the shipment