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Delete Shipments in Server Manager (StarShip Web)

Users can delete single shipments manually in the StarShip Client. If you have too many shipments to delete manually, for example, you can batch delete shipments using Tools > Delete Shipments.

Please use caution when deleting shipments in Server Manager. Once deleted, shipments cannot be recovered. We recommend performing a backup of your StarShip database before using this functionality.


Select Shipments to Delete

Enable the check boxes for the type of shipment criteria you want to use to select shipments. You can narrow down the criteria by date and status, if desired.

All marked as deleted

In StarShip, users can delete shipments manually using Shipment > Open. Shipments that have been deleted in this way are not permanently deleted from the StarShip database for a period of time; instead they are marked as Deleted.

Check this option to permanently erase any shipment marked for deletion in StarShip.

By date and status

This option allows you to delete only certain types of shipments and also specify when those shipments were processed. First, select a time range from the From and To dates; alternately, choose All dates if you don’t want to limit the deletion to a specific date or date range. Only the shipments that have the status(es) you selected for the time frame you specified will be deleted.

So, for example, if you want to delete all Open shipments for August 2018, your configuration would look like this :

Once you have selected your criteria, click the Delete button. You will be given a chance to confirm your criteria before the actual deletion begins. Click Yes on the confirmation dialog to delete the shipments or No to cancel.

An informational dialog informs you of the number of shipments successfully deleted and if any shipments could not be deleted.

Deleting Shipments in StarShip vs. Server Manager

There are a few distinctions when deleting shipments from the StarShip interface versus deleting shipments in StarShip Server Manager.

  • When shipments are deleted in the StarShip interface, they are not permanently deleted right away. Instead, they are marked as Deleted. In Server Manager, shipments are permanently deleted.
  • When shipments are deleted in the StarShip interface, StarShip will remove any freight or notes written back to most source interfaces, and remove the freight and tracking numbers from the packages. When the Shipment Status is Processed, StarShip will submit a void request to the carrier. This does not happen when you delete shipments in Server Manager.