Data Replication

The StarShip Data Replication feature allows you to copy data that is stored by location from one source location to one or multiple destination locations. Locations are defined in the Subscription Management System (SMS).

To use StarShip Data Replication, you must be a user that has access to the SMS.

Before you begin, verify that the source location contains the data that you want to replicate (for example, Sender Addresses, Packaging, or Inventory).

  1. Log in to the SMS, click on the Manage Data menu item, and expand the Data Replication node.
    Under Manage Data, click the Data Replication node.
  2. Provide the Source Location in the first field, and then select the Destination Location(s) to which the data will be copied.
    Select the locations.
  3. Check the boxes next to the data you want to copy to the Destination Location(s).
    Select the data to replicate.
  4. Click the Replicate Data button and on the pop-up dialog, confirm that you want to replicate the data.
  5. Review the replication results and click OK.