Create/Update Wizard

The Create/Update Wizard allows you to create a new StarShip database or update an existing one. The StarShip Core Service must be stopped before using the wizard.

Create a StarShip Database

Before you begin, you should confirm the following :

  • the SQL Server where the database should be created;
  • a name for the StarShip database;
  • that you have system administrator rights.

To create a StarShip database :

  1. From the Database menu, select Create/Update Wizard.
  2. Select the Create new StarShip database button. Click Next.
  3. StarShip retrieves the list of available SQL Servers. From the SQL Server field, select the SQL Server instance where the database should be created.
  4. The StarShip SQL Admin user is created during StarShip installation. If the SQL Server you’ve selected contains an existing StarShip database, you can use the StarShip SQL Admin to connect by checking the Use StarShip SQL admin… check box. To use a different user account with system administrator rights to connect, uncheck the check box and enter the proper Windows or SQL Server authentication information. Click Next.
  5. Type in a name for the database. To make sure you’ve chosen an unique name, click the Check button. If the name is already in use, you receive an error message. Click Next.
  6. The database is created. Click Next.
  7. To enable this new database as the default, check the Make ‘database name’ your default database check box. Click Finish.
Update a Database

StarShip  Server Manager provides an update utility that automatically updates the database structure of the currently connected StarShip database. To update an existing database:

  1. From the Database menu, select Create/Update Wizard.
  2. Choose Update existing StarShip database.
  3. The current database is analyzed and updated. Click Finish.

    Note : The Messages tab reflects the date and time, and also the success of the update.


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