Connection Wizard

Use the Connection Wizard

You would typically run the Connection Wizard if you move the StarShip database to a different SQL Server or if you want to switch to a different StarShip database. The Connection Wizard guides you through the process of setting up a connection to a StarShip SQL database. The current database connection is shown under the SQL Server item as the Instance.

Note : You can only use the Connection Wizard when the StarShip Core Service is stopped.

Run the Wizard

  1. Run the wizard by selecting Connection Wizard from the Database menu. You can also right-click on any SQL Server item and select it from the pop-up menu. Note that to change the database connection, active users will need to be disconnected from the StarShip database. You can click OK when prompted or manually disconnect users.
  2. If you have previously used the connection wizard, the settings you used before appear in the dialog.

When using previous connection settings, you would skip to Step 7 after clicking Next. To create a new connection, select Browse for more SQL connections and click Next.

SQL Server Settings

  1. Select the SQL Server from the drop-down list.
  2. The StarShip SQL Admin user is created during StarShip installation. If the SQL Server you’ve selected already contains the StarShip database, you can use the StarShip SQL Admin to connect by checking the Use StarShip SQL admin… check box. To use a different user account with system administrator rights to connect, uncheck the check box and enter the proper Windows or SQL Server authentication information. Click Next.

  3. The wizard retrieves the database names available on the selected SQL Server. Select the StarShip database from the drop-down list and choose an authentication mode. Click Next.
  4. Information for the database connection is listed. To change any of this information, click < Back. To save this database connection, click Finish.