CleanUp Idle Connections

You might want to disconnect users who may be logged in multiple times or idle for long periods of time. Removing idle connections will help to speed up active database connections.

To disconnect idle users, select Options > Clean Up Idle Connections. Click Yes to continue or No to cancel.

You can also automate this process in Tools > Options > Connections. There, you can set up periodic clearing of idle connections.

CleanUp Cached Rate Quotes

StarShip will store the results of rate quotes returned from a rate request. If you re-rate a shipment and all the shipment data is identical to the first time you rated, StarShip will use the cached rates. CleanUp Cached Rate Quotes will delete the cache of either all or expired rate quote results based on your menu selection. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.

CleanUp Old Log Files

This tool cleans up old server logs (*.sslog files in …All UsersApplication Data folder, determined by your OS). These files are automatically cleaned up when the service starts; however, if this process is not working, due to low disk space or if the user does not restart the StarShip service for a length of time, you can use this tool to delete any log files that are older than 1 week.


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