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Carrier Interface Mapping

For carriers that support multiple interfaces, you can add a source field mapping that will automatically select the Carrier Interface to use when you import an order or other document to ship. For example, a carrier might be supported by more than one interface if you use a transportation management system that provides multi-carrier rating, tendering, tracking and pickup requests for LTL shipments, such as Freightquote or Freightview.

This field mapping can be set up for your source in Customize Interface under Carrier Information.

  1. First, go to Setup > Source Interfaces and select your source interface. On the Interfaces page, click the Customize Interface button for the document or documents you’re shipping against.
  2. Select the StarShip Shipment field group and then click Carrier Information.
    StarShip Shipping Software
  3. Select Carrier Interface.
    StarShip Shipping Software
  4. Map the Carrier Interface field to the field in your source interface that contains the carrier value and then you can set up value translations for the carrier interface to be used.
    StarShip Shipping Software

Using the above example, after I’ve completed the mapping to my source interface, when I ship against a Sales Order and the carrier is AAA Cooper, StarShip will automatically populate the Freightquote.com interface under Accounts.

StarShip Shipping Software


If you don’t map the Carrier Interface field, StarShip will use the default carrier interface that you set up for the carrier under Setup > Carrier Interfaces.