Bill Settings

After you set up your Unishippers account, you should head to the Billing section to configure Billing settings for each carrier. You can maintain different settings for each account if you set up multiple accounts.

  1. From Setup > Carrier Interfaces > Unishippers > Accounts, click Edit Account.

  1. Select the Billing tab and configure settings for each carrier by selecting from the drop-down lists.
    • Tendering Type: Call, Electronic, or Daily Pickup. StarShip will only send a pickup request when Electronic is selected. You must contact the carrier directly for the Call or Daily Pickup options.
    • Enable Prepaid: Check to enable a default Prepaid Billing Type.
    • Default Prepaid Billing Type: This is the default Billing Type for shipments paid for by the shipper. You can select from Sender or any other 3PL you set up in Maintain > 3PL. Unishippers does not support Third-Party billing. These settings affect the options available for Billing in the Transportation section of the Shipment Editor.

  1. Click Save.