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BigCommerce Write-Back for eCommerce Extension

When BigCommerce is set up as an extension and you Ship/Process a shipment, StarShip will update the Order Status and Shipment Comments on the Order. This is in addition to the normal write-back of freight charges, etc. to your ERP source interface.

Order Status

When an order is fully shipped, StarShip will set the Order Status to “Shipped” on the View Orders page in BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Order Status write-back

Notes Write-Back

The default notes (or any others that you add or modify) will write back to the Shipment. Click the ” + ” button next to the order to display the Order details and then click the Shipment # on the right to display the Notes.

BigCommerce Notes write-back

The Notes write back to the Shipment Comments.

BigCommerce Notes write-back