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StarShip Setup for BigCommerce

To ship your BigCommerce Orders, you have to connect your BigCommerce store to StarShip. You can add one or multiple BigCommerce stores to ship against in StarShip. However, the same API keys can only be used once per StarShip Location.


Prior to adding your store to StarShip, you must add StarShip to your Store API Accounts.

  1. In StarShip Web, go to Setup > Source Interfaces > eCommerce.
  2. Under Companies, click the New Company button. If you want to add the BigCommerce interface to an existing company, select the company and click the Edit Company button.
  3. Enter the name of your company in the Company Name field and click the Add Account button.
  4. From the eCommerce Name field, select “BigCommerce” from the drop-down list.
  5. Enter the API credentials in the fields provided. You can copy and paste the details from the text document you created in BigCommerce API Account Setup: API Path, Client ID, and Access Token.
  6. Check the Enabled check box and click Submit.
    If you add the BigCommerce company but do not enable it, you will not be able to ship your BigCommerce orders.

    Seasonal Sellers

    You can uncheck the “Enable” box to disable the company during the time when you are not shipping with eCommerce so that StarShip uses less resources on your PC.